JWF Environmental policy

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It is the policy of JWF Building Solutions Ltd that its operations are carried out fully in accordance with current environmental legislation and codes of practice.

The Company further accepts its responsibilities in ensuring that its work is designed in such a manner as to minimise its impact on the environment and that environmental issues will always be considered for any tasks undertaken by the JWF Building Solutions Ltd.

Wherever practicable, preference will be given to methods of working that reduce emissions of noise, dust, waste and fumes. Preference will also be given, wherever practicable, to purchasing products and materials that can be used, recycled and/or disposed of without any residual damaging effect on the environment. Locality of material resources will also be taken into account in order to diminish as far as possible the carbon footprint.

JWF Building Solutions Ltd ensures that they comply with environmental legislation and the objectives of this policy through its selection of environmentally friendly materials, the conduct of the Company’s employees and contracted personnel and the procedures involved within adopting its working methods. If processes, activities and incidents are to be avoided which are damaging to the environment, everyone within the Company must take into account the impact on the environment of any task they undertake. They also must make contingencies for any damage or incident that could release materials either being used or worked on, and ensure that procedures are in place to cope with such incidents with the minimum adverse effect on the environment.

All persons in the Company should strive to design tasks so that they minimise their environmental impact as far as is reasonably practicable.

The Company requires that all its employees and sub-contractors take a pro-active role in ensuring that their activities remain environmentally friendly.