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Waste & Recycling

Firstly and very importantly, we estimate and buy products for your build so that there is a minimum of waste. Cheaper for you, better for the environment.

However, where we are remodelling and rebuilding properties there will always be waste. JWF are proud to work with Barnes Recycling.

Where possible all waste materials from our sites are collected by Barnes Recycling. Barnes Skips & Recycling has been established in the Midlands for over 30 years.

What happens to the waste collected?
Recycling packaged on forklift Upon collection every skip is returned to Barnes purpose built recycling centre. Each skip is visually checked on arrival and tipped according to the nature of the waste contents. The recycling process then starts.

The waste is loaded into our trommel waste separator. This is a giant revolving drum similar to a sieve through which the dirt and earth drops. The remaining waste drops from the trommel onto a large conveyor belt, from which recyclable materials can be picked.

A giant fan blows and ‘light’ waste into a container. The remaining heavy brick rubble continues along the belt passing under a magnet (used to collect any metal fragments) and is deposited into a pile. This is then crushed into uniform sized rubble to be used as a recycled sub- base alternative to MOT limestone.

Recycling plant
This process recovers approximately 80 – 85% of materials suitable for recycling, such as cardboard/paper/wood and plastics.

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29 November 2011